Enhanced-Memory Care

Enhanced-memory care in Greenville

Take advantage of our exclusive neighborhood for residents with Alzheimer's disease and other memory impairments. Our programs promote independence, healthful lifestyles, dignity and a sense of security in small, home-like environments designed specifically for seniors experiencing memory loss.
A senior woman speaking with female caretaker in Greenville

Professional staff

Each member of our staff is fully trained to work with people who are dealing with cognitive impairments. Our gentle encouragement and support will help maximize the wellness of each individual, as we care just as much about our residents as we do for them. We always welcome our resident's families to take part in the process of developing the care plan for their loved ones.

Fun activities

Every person in our care is provided with opportunities to make choices and exert control over their own lives. Our short, voluntary activities are designed to stimulate the senses, help maintain effective motor skills and center on the basic activities of daily living. Often, we will individualize each activity for the resident, drawing on their past interests or former occupation to bring out their skills and ignite their energy.

Flexible environment

Your loved one will thrive as they are encouraged to be physically active, focus on their own strengths, and celebrate their successes without the confines of a rigid, pre-set schedule. Furthermore, all our residents are welcome to bring furnishings and decorations from home that will nourish their sense of familiarity and security. 

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